Ludivine is a bloodhound who left her mark – literally – on a small town in Alabama. She had just stepped out to go potty and accidentally ran the Trackless Train Trek Half-Marathon on Jan. 16 in Elkmont. The best part? She placed seventh overall, with a time of 1:32:56, putting other runners to shame.

I interviewed Ludivine to get the scoop on her incredible story.

Davi: How did you manage to get involved in running a half-marathon?
Ludivine: I was let loose from my pen, so I wandered down the road, and heard some noise, and headed that way. I was happy to see people and smell food. But then all the people started lining up, and I was, like, What? I followed the pack to see what was going on, and then they all started running at once, so I took off running with them.

So you didn’t register for the race?
No, I didn’t, which is a good thing, because I don’t get an allowance or anything.

What kept you motivated to finish the race?
I was just having fun! I would run off to romp through streams and into yards, I even stopped to sniff a dead rabbit along the way, but what really kept me slogging along were the words pepperoni pizza linked to the end of the race.

Did you make a potty stop along the way?
Yeah. I stopped alongside the trail a couple of times.

Did you stop at water stations for a refreshing lap drink or two?
Nope. I just grabbed a drink from the creek!

Did you feed on a runner’s gel during the race?
People keep talking about runner’s gel, but I don’t know what that is – I’m a dog! Besides, I’m young and I’m a hound – we were bred to run!

What was your average pace per mile?
I’m no good at math – again, I’m a dog, but I think if you divide my race time by 13.1, you’ll get it.

Did you make any new friends while you were running the race?
I’m not sure how many around me really wanted to be my friend as I was bumbling alongside them, but they were all so nice to me after the race – even asked to take my picture and patted me on the head.

How did your paws feel when it was over?
I felt fine; just really, really sleepy!

What was your overall place and what is recorded as your finish time?
I came in seventh and was the highest-placed female. My time was around 1:32.56.

Did you win a prize?
I got an awesome medal, and the ribbon is red, which I think is a good color for me. I hear the race officials are even changing the name of the race to Elkmont’s Hound Dog Half-Marathon.

Ready for another half-marathon?
I don’t know about that yet, but I am running a fundraiser 5K for the United Methodist Children’s Home in April.


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