You probably remember comedian Jim Breuer from his role as Brian in the 1998 stoner comedy, Half Baked. But there’s so much more to this father, musician and overall jokester than tie-dye shirts, yin yang pendants, and an insatiable case of the munchies. With a career spanning more than two decades, Breuer has been named one of Comedy Central’s “100 Greatest Stand-Ups of All Time.”

Today, he’s a busy guy, hosting two podcasts, fronting a metal band, and releasing his latest comedy special Jim Breuer: Comic Frenzy. Just steps ahead of his upcoming performance at Ponte Vedra Concert Hall, Folio Weekly Magazine talked with Breuer about fatherhood, physical comedy, and Florida.

Folio Weekly Magazine: What are you up to today?
Jim Breuer: What am I up to today? My head is spinning. I’m trying to put together 400 projects today. I’m home. One of my kids is sick, so I’m watching her. And then I’ve got a music video that I’m filming on Saturday. I’ve got a TV show I’m filming in April I’m trying to put together. So my head’s spinning and that’s why I can’t wait to come to Florida.

You have three daughters, right?
Yeah. All girls: 16, 14 and 11.

What do they think about what Dad does for a living?
They don’t really talk about it a lot, but the middle one is really funny and so is the little one. The middle one sort of thinks it’s cool and the little one is sort of impressed, where the older one could give a shit. She’s 16. She just wants to know when she can see her boyfriend and who she’s Snapchatting.

This interview correlates with your upcoming Ponte Vedra Concert Hall performance. Are you familiar with the area?
Well, I started in Florida back in ’89. I played pretty much everywhere. Every Elks Club, bar — you name it, I played it in Florida. I’ve never played there [Ponte Vedra Beach], but I’ve played close to there. This is my first time, so I’m kind of curious what it will be like when I show up. I hope there’s a following. Hopefully I do well, because I did really well a few years ago in Jacksonville.

So much of what you do involves physical comedy. Was it always that way, even in your childhood?
Yeah. I’m a storyteller. I’m the street-corner, animated storyteller guy, so I act everything out. Everyone has that person, whether it’s the uncle or the best friend. I’m him. I’m your uncle. I’m your neighbor. I’m the one you go to, sit down and say, “Tell me another story. What else happened today?”

You have two podcasts, The Jim Breuer Podcast and The Metal In Me. How do you get your physical comedy to translate over the airwaves?
We do a lot of it through sketches and stuff — what I don’t do on stage. Radio and podcasts; as long as you’re entertaining and captivating and storytelling, the audience will stay with you forever. They start getting a personal, inside part of you, which is what I give a lot more in that arena — they’ll become a part of you forever. The live audience; that’s high energy, one-hour smacking it out one-on-one. But on the radio, I’m also not relying on me. I’m lobbing softballs to other people. I’m creating game shows and life stuff and marriage stuff and family stuff that can go further into detail, whereas on stage, they want laugh, laugh, laugh.

Tell me a bit about your The Metal In Me podcast, which is based on, well, metal music.
Two of the guys on there with me are in my band [Jim Breuer & the Regulators], so, for me, I thought kicking off The Metal In Me podcast would be — you kind of get to know who we are before we go up there. A lot of bands don’t really let you in like that. Here, they’re already going like, “Oh, I can’t wait to see them tour. I can’t wait to see Mike and this guy and I hope they do this bit.” They’ll fall in love with us before we even drop the album at the end of May. That’s great promo, too. We take them [listeners] step by step by step. Like last week, I exposed them to the song that we did with the lead singer [Brian Johnson] of AC/DC.

Is the album finished?
Yeah, it is. It’s very family, hard-rockin’ metal. I know that sounds crazy and goofy, but it sounds like you’re listening to ’80s hard rock Van Halen, Motley Crue, AC/DC, but singing about raising teenage girls and stuff like that.


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