Dear Davi,

How can I avoid getting the shaft from my mom this Valentine’s Day?

With love,

Benny the Beagle

Hey Benny,

You’re in luck! One in five people would prefer to spend Valentine’s Day with their pet rather than their partner. Here are some reasons why a dog makes a better date on Valentine’s Day. Share these with your mom and watch her dump that date for a night on the town with you.

• Dogs don’t talk. I could yap and yap about this one, but I think we can all agree it’s a good thing.

If you worry your dog will destroy your home when you leave, put him in a crate. The authorities frown upon this when it comes to your date.

• Dog slobber is cute. Date slobber, not so much. Ever.

• You don’t have to share your dessert with a dog, and you probably shouldn’t. All that sweet stuff makes us sick. So have your cake and eat it, too!

• For the not-so-romantic folks: A dog won’t look hopefully, then sneeringly, into your eyes when your evening doesn’t leave him swooning. Won’t happen. Prolonged eye contact totally freaks dogs out.

• When a dog follows you around, it’s cute, right? There’s nothing better than being adored by a dog. If a date follows you around – it’s stalking.

• Dogs don’t care if you dress to the nines. You don’t even have to shower. Just take us on a nature hike or toss a ball around and you’re golden! No makeup or cologne required.

• You’ll never have to dream up a way to gently get rid of a dog. Because you’d never want to! Dogs are loyal, fun, and goofy, and we eliminate food you drop on the kitchen floor. Dates seem to think that kind of thing is beneath them. Lame.

Show your pooch some love this Valentine’s Day by taking him or her on a date to one of these local pet-friendly restaurants.

The Brick Restaurant,3585 St. Johns Ave., Avondale, 387-0606. Serves quality food indoors and out, which means outdoor patrons can bring Fido along for dinner – water bowls provided.

Taverna,1986 San Marco Blvd., San Marco, 398-3005. Feast on Italian and Spanish cuisine with your canine. Outdoor seating welcomes dogs – water bowls and treats provided.

Uptown Market,1303 Main St. N., Downtown, 355-0734. Enjoy a hearty breakfast or delicious dinner with your dog. Outdoor patio is dog-friendly.

Bruster’s Real Ice Cream,11701 San Jose Blvd., Mandarin, 886-1995. Treat yourself and your pup to a sundae. Bruster’s makes a free vanilla sundae with dog bones crumbled on top for their canine customers.

M Shack,10281 Midtown Pkwy., St. Johns Town Center, 642-5000. A great place to eat a burger with your buddy. Outdoor seating is dog-friendly – water bowls provided.

Poe’s Tavern,363 Atlantic Blvd., Atlantic Beach, 241-7637. Enjoy pub fare with your pooch. Outdoor seating welcomes dogs – water bowls provided.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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