Tidal Craft Ice – pops with a buzz

Love to savor the taste of craft cocktails and wish you didn’t have to leave your house, or pay $12 to enjoy one? So did Rhonda and Suzanah of Bold City Pops, so they found a solution and named it Tidal Craft Ice. Tidal Craft Ice is simple, yet it’s never done before. It’s best described as a cocktail cube, and it takes care of the fresh, specialty ingredients that make you delicious craft cocktails, and puts them right at your fingertips in your freezer.

Tidal Ice_jars_EDITHere’s how it works, grab your cube of choice, add your favorite type of alcohol and a mixer like tonic water, soda etc. Stir and enjoy! The cubes are large enough that you can get more than one cocktail out of them. That way, if you’re conflicted as to what kind of alcohol you should add to your Mojito cube, the best kind of dilemma to have, you can try rum first. Then, give something less traditional a whirl, like vodka or tequila. Suzanah’s advice for your first Tidal Craft beverage? “If you don’t know where to start, I suggest Champagne or Prosecco for your first cube. It seems like no matter what kind of cube you pair Champagne with it always seems to be a winning combo.”

So what kind of flavors are we talking about? Rhonda and Suzanah wanted to make sure that they covered traditional flavors like Mojito and Salty Dog, but they are always stepping it up. They’ve creating cubes with some of their best-selling popsicle flavors in mind like Hibiscus Ginger Lemon. Hibiscus Ginger Lemon, meet Vodka, Vodka meet Hibiscus Ginger Lemon.

Tidal Craft Ice makes it easy to have authentic, craft cocktail without having to stock 3 different bottles of bitters, fresh citrus, fresh herbs, and more in your kitchen. But really, that just scratches the surface in terms of its convenience. Tidal Craft Ice really shines when you have a party. You want to make sure that all your guests get a perfectly crafted drink of their choice, but tidal org tableclothyou don’t want to be the one to oversee that process again and again, you’d rather enjoy the party, right? Tidal Craft Ice makes a beautiful, fool proof presentation and a tasty drink every time. Or, maybe you’re heading to a picnic or the beach and you know you’re going to want an undercover Margarita. But you don’t want the crummy packaged stuff, and you don’t want to mess with dragging all the ingredients with you, boom, margarita cubes – just add tequila. (Don’t worry we won’t tell anyone that your Zephyrhills bottle doesn’t really have water in it.)

Still need another reason to love Tidal Craft Ice? Because of their fresh, flavorful ingredients the cubes are super tasty with or without alcohol. That means they are perfect for underage party goers, or those choosing not to drink. Especially because they’ll feel included, not deprived, with a fancy mocktail in their hands!

If your taste buds are intrigued and you want to make your own cocktail with Tidal Craft Ice, you can contact them directly for orders via their website (www.tidalcraftice.com) or head to GastroFest on March 19th. Tidal Craft Ice will be doing a special ticketed event during GastroFest where you’ll get the chance to experiment with some of the flavors of Tidal Craft Ice!

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