Sweet Theory – brings tasty thoughts

Brownie Bite RosesA sweet success story aptly describes this unique and wonderful bakery in historic Riverside. In November 2012, founders Katie and Eric Riehm set out to serve a purpose. Together with general manager Rachel Robertson, principal gluten free baker Amber Verastegui, and other friends, they launched a concept that rocked the Riverside community. “We wanted to create an everyone bakery,” says Robertson. “We set out to serve anybody, people with food allergies, which is a growing share of the population, vegans, vegetarians, gluten free guests, people with dietary restrictions; everybody! We wanted to give them the best healthy options Katie, Eric, and our bakery team could create that really tasted great.” The Riehms are Riverside residents and they recognized an opportunity to offer authentic and delicious bakeshop favorites with no eggs, dairy, soy, or peanuts. In addition, many of their products are gluten free and very tasty. “We were lucky to find the location” says Robertson. “It’s a great spot.” Sweet Theory is located at 1243 King Street.

Bourbon Peach Pie Doughnut🍑_EDITThen it happened. Not only people with dietary restrictions came, but everyone came just as the team set out to do. Word got out about the crazy good donuts, cupcakes, and cinnamon rolls, and the floodgates opened. Sweet Theory has developed a very loyal clientele, many of whom drifted in on day one and became regulars spreading the word to the community. The focus on great products and great customer service is evident in everything that goes on in the bakery. When asked about future growth Robertson says, “We have been fortunate and we’d love to grow, but we are happy and we want to keep quality at the highest level possible.” And they do.

So where did the name Sweet Theory come from? Surely everyone wonders. Was it a theoretical approach to baking, were the two words nabbed off a scrabble board, perhaps some deep philosophical notion? Here’s the real scoop. Initially the name was Sweet Revolution, but as fate would have it this name was already taken in another state so they couldn’t use it. The Riehms and friends were enjoying some adult beverages one evening and out it popped. Word has it that it was Mr. Riehm who blurted it out, and it stuck. In any case, Sweet Theory delivers.

For more information, check out facebook.com/SweetRevolutionBakingCo.

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