Motion Sweets – decadent delicate delights

You may have tasted a macaroon or two, but have you ever had an authentic hand-crafted French macaron? There is a difference between the two, and Megan (Mee-ghan) Suggs at Motion Sweets bakery is well aware of this as she hand crafts these decadent delicate delights in her tiny kitchen at the bakery.

Adrian Suggs and his wife Megan had a vision in 2011 when they hawked their baked goods at the Pecan Park flea market. They sold tasty cupcakes, donuts, cookies, and more, but it was the authentic macarons with their ooey gooey fillings inside a Macarons from Motion Sweetsdelicate, sweet crunchy cookie that stole the show. They were on to something, and planned to take the show on the road with a food truck. Thus the name Motion Sweets. As they began planning the food truck strategy, they ran into several obstacles with licensing and discovered that locations were tightly controlled. The planning had become burdensome, and they were somewhat discouraged, but they never lost the passion. They found their current location in Five Points, Riverside because “the spirit led us there,” says Mr. Suggs. Securing the location quickly, they began the rebuild, and Ms. Suggs was thrilled that she could pursue her culinary dreams again. Business is so good that the two are looking for more kitchen space.

“We have 90 flavors of sweet French Macarons,” says Ms. Suggs proudly. “And we’re exploring some new savory flavors as well. We are also setting up an ecommerce site so customers can purchase online. Once we secure more kitchen space, we will be able to move forward more quickly with these initiatives.” When asked about the expanded kitchen space Mr. Suggs smiled and said, “We’re close.”

Not in the mood for macarons? No problem, the bakery case is full of cupcakes, donuts, and a variety of freshly made daily surprises. The coffee bar offers a fresh ground aromatic brew to complement all the indulgent treats in the case. Customers linger at tables enjoying friends, conversation, Motion Sweets delicacies, and the smooth jazz piped in. A very cool vibe in Five Points located at 1020 Park Street. Call them at 904-551-3665 or visit their website,

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