Bold City Pops


The popsicle competition in Jax is strong but in a short time Bold City Pops has carved out a name and a very visible brand for themselves. With their unique and bright campers, Pearl and Scout you can spot Bold City Pops a mile away. Suzanah Raffield and Rhonda Stringfellow Ryan started Bold City Pops in 2014, and now they always seem to have quite a line for their flavors like Cookies & Cream and Hibiscus Ginger Lemon.

Bold City Pops sources local ingredients as much as possible, and try to stick to seasonal flavors. Sorry to all the year round pumpkin lovers, but you’ll only see their Pumpkin Cream pop in the fall. They only roast fresh pumpkin when it’s at it sweetest!

IMG_3372Both Rhonda and Suzanah create new popsicle combinations, and make sure they have a variety of popsicles and constantly changing flavors. Bold City Pops cater to all types of taste-buds, and makes sure they have something for everyone, including a selection of vegan and dairy free pops. The Bold City Pops team is currently working on some specifically paleo pops for the new year. Rhonda says, “they are looking forward to the challenge of sweetening the paleo pops using only sugars from fruit or honey and emphasizing the flavors of seasonal produce.”

Suzanah and Rhonda live and breathe their pops, so if you’re ever unsure what kind of pop you’d like just ask! They’ll help you decide if you want something more dessert-like, like Bananas Foster, something lighter and fruity like their award winning Berry Beet, or maybe something totally unique like the Pickle Pop made with pickle juice from Olive My Pickle.

You can find Bold City Pops at markets around town like Jaxsons Night, Vagabond Flea, and pop ups around town. Check out their website at


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