Mocha Misk’I Brownie Shop


A specialty brownie shop has just opened in Jacksonville. I repeat, a specialty brownie spot has just opened in town. Let our taste-buds rejoice! Mocha Misk’i is located on Laura Street, two doors down from the well-loved downtown Chamblins Bookmine location. Owned by sisters Pilar and Helga Langthorn, the shop specializes in rich fudgey brownies, and has options for vegans and those who are gluten free! 

Among personalized messages made with brownie letters, Mocha Misk’i’s unique specialty item is the Brownie Roll. An inventive take on brownies, the Brownie Roll is inspired by sushi. Don’t worry, there’s no rice involved, there’s just more chocolate! The roll comes complete with your choice of sauce like chocolate or caramel, and is packaged in a fun way complete with reusable chopsticks. 

Brownie BitesThe name is as unique as the concept of a brownie shop. The word misk’i means sweet in Quechua, the native tongue of the Inga, an indigenous community in Colombia where the sisters grew up. While they have the usual delicious combinations like s’mores, and chocolate and peanut butter, the 1901 Brownie is sure to be a new Jacksonville favorite. With hints of mocha, orange, and caramel it has lots of bright flavors. Pilar said the “orange is for the orange groves, and the sea salt caramel is for Jacksonville’s beaches.” With that much thought, you know it’s going to be good!

First time visitors are encouraged to like Mocha Misk’i on Facebook to receive a complimentary bag of their brownie bites! Mocha Misk’i is ready for the Valentine’s Day rush, and you can place an order over the phone or in the store. Mocha Misk’i Brownie Shop is located at 209 N. Laura Street or call them at (904) 236-4770. Find them on the web at

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