Metal began with literal mutilation.

At the age of 17, an aspiring British guitarist named Tony Iommi lost the tips of his middle and ring finger of his right hand (his fretting hand!) in a sheet metal factory accident. Standard guitar tunings caused Iommi so much pain that he “drop tuned” the instrument down to D# or C#. Iommi eventually hooked up with three other local Birmingham, England blokes and formed Black Sabbath, a band that some religious scholars have since called, “The Beatles of Derelicts and Cold Water Extractors.”

But let’s get back to Iommi’s revolutionary guitar approach. When channeled through a cranked 50-to-100-watt tube amp, the resultant drone achieved by his slackened strings and deafening decibel levels created a sustained and molar-rattling effect, while generating murky, hypnotic sonorities unavailable through a standard-tuned (and low volume) electric guitar.

Nearly 50 years in and Iommi’s industrial mishap indirectly spawned every one from Slayer, Black Flag, and Trouble to Melvins, SUNN O))) and now, Destroyer of Light.

Formed in Austin Texas, in 2012, the underground metal four piece are certainly no strangers to tuning their instruments down to the point of unfurling subterranean frequencies that border on the narcotic. Dark chromatic riffage, baleful-yet-melodic vocals, and aggro drum stomping results in a potent evolution of heavy rock. Whether you call it doom, stoner, drone, or sludge metal, Destroyer of Light deliver the goods and then some.

8 p.m. *** TONIGHT *** with openers LA-A, Con Rit, and Kill Matilda at Burro Bar in downtown Jacksonville.

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october, 2021