8 Pretty Great Cover Stories of 2015


All For One Spark, by Folio Weekly Staff

It’s not often that we at Folio Weekly Magazine look as prophetic as we did with our One Spark preview issue in April. With an assist from fictional soothsayer Don Draper, our editor Matthew B. Shaw wrote in his introto the feature:

“… when sermonizing on the merits of participating in One Spark, founder Elton Rivas continues to uphold that the most valuable thing any entrepreneur can receive from their week of work is the validation of their idea. In the words of Don Draper: ‘That’s what the money’s for!’”

Though the festival that occurred later that week would be validated again by participants and a crowd estimated to have reached 300,000 humans, the money did not materialize and One Spark has since laid off a majority of its staff and considerably lowered expectations for next year’s event. Looking back on the individual articles we did about the music, art, tech, and social good categories, and one about the ridiculous projects participating that year we called One Spark Dystopia,” it seems Rivas and company are now addressing many of the concerns we had previously, playfully (harshly?) pointed out.