EU chats with Glass Animals

EU chats with Glass Animals about their new album, life on the road, spirit animals and their love for Kendrick Lamar

The all-encompassing psychedelic, R&B, and indie rock band Glass Animals will soon take the stage in Jacksonville on Sunday, December 6th. All the way from Oxford, England, Glass Animals will be performing at the Big Ticket music festival presented by X102.9 Jacksonville’s New Alternative radio station.

After two EPs, Glass Animals released the well-received album, ZABA, in June of 2014. They have since been extensively touring the U.S. and Europe for the album well into 2015. With fan favorites and radio hits such as “Black Mambo,” Gooey,” and “Pools,” this band creates a mixture of sounds with influences found in psychedelic, R&B, indie rock, and electronica, to create a down right blend of sexy, funky music.

There is an obvious love and appreciation found in hop-hop and R&B, which is reflected in the music of Glass Animals. They have played shows with hip-hop duo, Run the Jewels, and also recently worked with Joey Bada$$, releasing “Lose Control” on October 7th. EU also spoke with Joey Bada$$ a few weeks ago, and the interview can be found (here).

EU spoke with Joe Seaward, the drummer of Glass Animals, about touring, some of their favorite artists, and the new album they are currently working on.

Glass-Animals - ZabaEU: How will the new album be different from ZABA?

Joe Seaward: Good Question! Well, we took a team vote and decided to put none of the songs we have released so far on it; so the world will be hearing completely different songs! The artwork will be different too. But seriously, I think that it will sound like a step on from ZABA, we have been playing live music nonstop for a year and half, so there may be more of a live element to some of it. But we’ll see…we have only just begun!

EU: What is the most unconventional thing you have used as an instrument while recording or playing a live show?

JS: We have a song called “Pools,” we used a pot of water as drum in that – and a whole bunch of children’s toys. These things called ‘boomwhackers,’ which are brightly colored plastic tubes, ended up being the main hook in the song. That was really fun to make.

EU: What are some of your favorite albums or artists?

JS: There are so many! Man…I don’t know where to start. Caribou, Flying Lotus, D’Angelo, Kendrick, Can, Bill Withers, Radiohead…there are bunch to get started on. They all normally make an appearance at a Glass Animals party.

EU: Who does the band listen to most while on tour?

JS: We used to have a tradition of listening to Kendrick Lamar’s good kid m.A.A.d city every time we arrived in a new city. But everyone started sleeping in the bus, so the tradition got banned sadly. None of us spend very much time listening to music on tour…we spend all day making music, the last thing any of us want to do after sound check is put more music on.

EU: Who is Dave’s favorite hip-hop producer?

JS: Dave says me, but I know he’s only being nice, he wants something. His real favorite producer is really one of Timberland, Dre or Madlib, it changes every day.

EU: Do you have any words of advice for aspiring musicians or artist?

JS: Trust your instincts, and try and make really banging music.

EU: What is your spirit animal?


EU: What do you hope to get out of performing and recording music? What do you wish to invoke in the listener?

JS: Fun! We are very lucky to do this, with each other, with our team, and with the people who enjoy listening to the stuff we do. But I think if one day it isn’t fun anymore we will probably have a think. The music would probably suck if we were all miserable, all the time. There’s plenty of miserable music in the world. It doesn’t need any more from us.

EU: What would you have for your last meal?

JS: Marmite on toast.

Be sure to catch Glass Animals along with Of Monsters and Men, Twenty One Pilots, Walk the Moon, The Neighbourhood, Robert Delong, and many more this Sunday, December 6th, at the Big Ticket music festival in Metropolitan Park. More information on the festival cane be found at

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