“Miss You Already” will make you laugh and cry like never before

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Release Date: November 6, 2015

Running Time: 1 hour and 52 minutes

Rated PG-13

Directed By: Catherine Hardwicke

Grade: B+


Toni Collette as Milly

Drew Barrymore as Jess

Dominic Cooper as Kit

Paddy Considine as Jago

Honor Kneafsey as Scarlett

Ryan Lennon Baker as Ben

Tyson Ritter as Ace

and Jacqueline Bisset as Miranda

MYA_STILL-261438799497When life falls apart…

Jess and Milly have been best friends since elementary school in London. Milly was always the outgoing and zany one while Jess was always more grounded. Milly had to be first in everything so she was the first one to get pregnant and get married to her boyfriend named Kit. Later, Jess met her boyfriend, Jago, and she moved in with him on his houseboat. As they approach their 40th birthdays, Milly is enjoying life with her husband and two children in their gorgeous townhouse and Jess is desperately trying to get pregnant with Jago. Jess reminisces that she cannot recall a photograph of herself without Milly in it and with each parting they say, “miss you already”. Life takes a drastic turn when Milly is diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer. As she struggles to deal with her fate and the effect that it has on her family, Milly receives the best news of her life. Unable to share this news with the tormented Milly, this causes distress in Jess’s relationship. As Milly’s life spirals downward, Jess does her best to keep Milly from self-destructing.

Director: Catherine Hardwicke
Director: Catherine Hardwicke

…friends keep it together.

Miss You Already is not only a beautifully crafted film it also taps deep into the soul of a topic that is rare in the film industry. Toni Collette showcases her amazing talent and has incredible chemistry with Drew Barrymore. The rest of the cast was impeccably chosen and added depth of the rendering of the incredibly smart script. Catherine Hardwicke’s background in production design was much appreciated in every scene from the poignant interactions to the beautiful scenery. Morwenna Bank‘s screenplay based on her radio play titled Goodbye is projected to another level by Hardwicke’s intelligent and visually pleasing direction. As a result of the entire casts and crew’s efforts, I highly recommend that you bring some tissues because this comedy drama will make you laugh and cry like never before. ~Movie Buffette

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