Folio Weekly: What do you do?
Christina Owens: I work at a Halloween store, so basically I sell Halloween costumes, masks, accessories, decorations, whatever.

Have you worked at a place like this before?
This is my first time at a Halloween store.

What were your big sellers this year?
Marvel superheroes, the Walking Dead, anything zombie-related. And still your basics: Michael Myers, Jason, all those were big sellers.

What did you run out of first?
The biggest thing we ran out of way early was Descendants, which is a Disney movie. If you have small children, you know what it is.

So a non-scary item was most popular?
In my opinion, the non-scary stuff [sold more]. I wouldn’t have thought it. Dr. Seuss did pretty well.

How long is the life of a temporary Halloween store?
I believe [the first day] is August 28. [November 2] is the last day.

What happens after Nov. 2?
We’ll be doing teardowns and packing things up for a few days, then it’s vacant. I believe we put all this [unsold] stock in a storage unit. What happens to it after that, I don’t know.

Describe your customers.
It’s kind of a mix, some teenagers, mostly adults and families. There were a lot of adults for their parties, work functions.

Who’s more into Halloween, guys or gals?
I think it was the guys. At least that’s what I saw.

Your busiest period?
The last two weeks. Really the last five days, but it started picking up the last two weeks.

Did you feel a desperation as Halloween approached?
Definitely. Everyone got a little testy the last day, but until that point, everybody was great.

What did desperation costumes entail?
It was having to piece together something. We had to say “We have something like this which is similar.” A lot of times, we were successful; a lot of times, we were not.

Would you do this again next season?
Oh, yeah. It was a little more hectic than I thought it would be, but it was also funner than I expected. It was great.