A Weekend of Music, Costumes & Campsites – Hulaween

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The third annual Suwannee Hulaween is now just around the corner. Music festival attendees are excited for this weekend, filled with top notch performances, Ghoul-themed costumes, decorative campsites and reunions with old friends. But this year’s Suwannee Hulaween experience goes even further.

Set in the midst of oaks trees and moss in the friendly confines of the Suwannee Music Park a major transformation will take place this upcoming Halloween weekend, as the entire festival grounds will be decorated to the nines with a brilliant array of art installations for performers and music lovers to devoir. The Spirit of Suwannee Lake, the epicenter of the park, will morph into a cascading trance of aesthetically pleasing lights, vibrant art installations and purposeful performance art. Just after the main music ends, it will also be the location of the ever popular, the Silent Disco. From this pulsating powderkeg of visual and audio stimulus, music goers will be able to enjoy themselves to all hours of the morning as they eventually make their way back to their campsites.

“I’m extremely thrilled and honored to be returning as the Art Director for the Spirit Lake 2015! It’s a very exciting project on a remarkable chunk of land. My intention is to bring the local art community together in a way that unifies us all creatively while blowing people’s minds,” said Andrew Carroll.

Be sure to check out the extensive activities that will be offered. The Spirit Lake activity schedule is full of a multitude of workshops and yoga classes for Ghoul music goers to enjoy. Classes will begin Friday at 10:15am and will go on everyday until 5:30pm. Music goers will be able to rejuvenate mind, body and soul in between music hopping and will have the opportunity to learn about some unique hobbies implemented by hand selected teachers from all around the nation.

Tickets and Ultimate Incident VIP Packages are on sale . To inquire about cabins, golf cart rentals and RV hook-ups, please contact SOSMP at 386.364.1683.

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