Give Peace A Bite

Never underestimate the power of ‘the little guy’ to do great big things. This is the message rippling across the restaurant industry, social media, and beyond as Krystal® prepares to co-host a Peace Burger Sandwich™ offer in honor of Peace Day on Monday, September 21. The Southern burger chain, known for its distinctive small square sandwiches, accepted the original challenge posed from Burger King® to McDonalds®. When the golden arches declined, Krystal® felt compelled to “act like the bigger burger” and make the Peace Burger a reality.

“We are thrilled to be teaming up with Burger King® for this event. At Krystal® we believe world peace truly is up to all of us, and it begins with good old-fashioned civility and cooperation,” said Jason Abelkop, Chief Marketing Officer for Krystal®. “Working together to raise money for groups like and other organizations that foster positive dialogue and change is a perfect place to start. Everyone involved is hoping to set an example that others can follow. After all, if we can put aside the burger wars for a day, we figure almost everyone can put aside their differences with someone else as well.”

Though the Peace Burger Sandwich™ offer and event will only last one day, it will be the result of several weeks of cooperative planning by all involved – across many corporate entities. On Peace Day, September 21,  attendees in Atlanta will be treated to a pop-up restaurant where they may try the burger combo, and a social media photo booth that invites guests to share what they are “making peace with” in honor of the event. But fans outside of Atlanta will not be left out – they will have the chance to participate by visiting their local participating Krystal® restaurant and ordering the new Vidalia® – Q Krystal.  $.25 cents from each Vidalia® – Q Krystal sold on Monday, September 21 will go directly to Krystal® is also encouraging its fans and guests to make independent donations online to the organization in addition to menu purchases.

“Peace is a huge, huge undertaking,” Abelkop continued. “It’s not something you can just flip a switch and have happen. Like many things in life, it is the result of many small actions coming together towards a common purpose. The idea that little things matter is, of course, near and dear to us at Krystal®, but we also hope it reminds others that no gesture is too small when it comes to something as important as Peace.”

The 25-cent donation for each Vidalia® – Q Krystal sold will be available exclusively on purchases made on Monday, September 21, at participating restaurants. will be accepting donations throughout the month of September and beyond. To join the Peace Day movement, use the hashtags #PeaceDay and #PeaceDayBurger and tell us with what or whom you are making peace.