Bundle Up For The Climb Of Your Life – “EVEREST”


Release Date: September 18, 2015

Running Time: 2 hours and 1 minute

Rated PG-13 for intense peril and disturbing images

Directed By: Baltasar Kormakur

Grade: A-


Jason Clarke as Rob Hall

Ang Phula Sherpa as Ang Dorjee

Jake Gyllenhaal as Scott Fischer

Martin Henderson as Andy ‘Harold’ Harris

Sam Worthington as Guy Cotter

Chris Reilly as Klev Schoening

John Hawkes as Doug Hansen

Naoki Mori as Yasuko Namba

Michael Kelly as Jon Krakauer

Emily Watson as Helen Wilton

Keira Knightly as Jan Arnold

Elizabeth Debicki as Dr. Caroline Mackenzie

Robin Wright as Peach Weathers

and Josh Brolin as Beck Weathers

Human beings simply aren’t built to function at the cruising altitude of a 747

On May 10, 1996, the lead guide of Adventure Consultants, Rob Hall, prepares to shepherd his clients to the top of Mount Everest. He teams up with the lead guide from Mountain Madness, Scott Fischer, due to a higher than usual number of climbers attempting to ascend to the summit of the highest point on Earth on the same day. Rob’s clients had various backgrounds in climbing, but had not reached the goal of over 8000 meters. Scott Fischer also believed that only vastly experienced climbers should attempt this feat. All looked well at 12:30 a.m. for the May 10th expedition, until trouble was encountered regarding a lack of fixed ropes. Twice this issue caused delays in the targeted time of reaching the summit by 2 p.m. Success was experienced by many of the climbers until a freak storm wreaked havok on their descent.

The last word always belongs to the mountain

I had the pleasure of seeing Everest in 3D IMAX. Even though it is not my dream to climb mountains, the experience was so rich that it felt like I was there amongst the climbers. The writers William Nicholson (known for Les Miserables and Unbroken) and Simon Beaufoy (known for Slumdog Millionaire and 127 hours) obviously did their homework prior to writing this screenplay. In addition to Jon Krakauer’s article, there are seven books that share the ill-fated expedition in May of 1996. The director, Baltasar Kormakur, who is known for his theater, film and TV work delivers on every component of an epic biographical disaster film. Jason Clarke leads the perfectly chosen cast with an extremely sincere performance. Clarke, Gyllenhaal, and Brolin prove once again that their highly adaptable skills will not allow them to be typecast. The combination of the A list cast, exquisite cinematography, and excellent directing make this film one that I shall not soon forget. Take an expedition into the theater to see this one! ~Movie Buffette

It seems to be the year for Universal Pictures because Everest is sure to be another hit in this record shattering year. Journey to the cinema this weekend and experience one of the most daunting and amazing wonders of the world. If you can afford the ticket price for Imax 3D it is well worth it.  It brought the striking landscape to life in a way I could not have imagined.  In the back of my mind, I have always wondered if I could climb “the mountain”. However, after watching the stunning cinematography bring the essence of the peak to life, I don’t think it is a feat I could ever attain.

There were times in the beginning where the camera-work made me a bit dizzy, but that seemed to go away after the first ten minutes. You will feel the chill watching the biting wind and snow covered landscape. One of the most difficult scenes to film occurs when a helicopter is making a difficult feat of trying to ascend to an extremely high altitude. I held my breath and sat on the edge of my seat. Director Kormakur has delivered a film that is true to the tragic story that shocked the world 19 years ago. The casting of Jason Clarke was point on. His portrayal of Rob Hall is incredible.  I was engrossed in his performance. Not only did Clarke nail the acting, but the resemblance to the great mountain guide was poignant. Make your ascent to the theater and experience this astonishing story of a real-life disaster that pays tribute to the individuals that attained the impossible. ~A.S. MacLeod



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