The Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra has acquired some new, young blood with the arrival of assistant conductor Nathan Aspinall. How young is this musical wunderkind? 25! Why, the Folio Weekly Communal Toothpick is older than that!

But have no doubt — Aspinall has the veritable musical and conducting skills to pay the bills.

A native of Brisbane, Australia, Aspinall began playing music as a child, started conducting while still in his teens, and eventually earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Queensland. After receiving his master’s degree from the New England Conservatory, Aspinall worked as assistant conductor for the New York Philharmonic. Now in his new gig at our local symphony, his duties will run the gamut from conducting Pops and community concerts to working with symphony music director Courtney Lewis in various capacities.

Combined with Lewis’ age of 31, and Aspinall’s twentysomething digits, the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra now undoubtedly boasts one of the youngest — and ablest — conducting teams in the nation, if not the world.

Does this shared youthful age mean that these two dudes might bring in some even hipper programming to the symphony? Will we be treated to a symphonic interpretation of the greater works of SUNN O)))? An orchestral tribute to Veronica Mars?! We’ll even accept Beards, Overalls, & Vegan Pour-Overs: An Evening of Contemporary Americana if you’ll throw in some Sun Ra, Sonic Youth, and Zappa!

Either way, welcome aboard, Nathan! We think you might dig our town.