Wine Not? Don Olegario Albariño

We find a wine for you to try here on the First Coast, tell you what it’s like and where to find it!

Wine: Don Olegario Albariño

Before September even began, Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations started coming out. While I love the cold, I object to the theft of summer, so today I want to introduce you to Albariño wine. With Albariño, summer never has to end. This Spanish wine could be your next favorite, if you like dry whites. The Don Olegario Albariño I tried had a fruity nose with a surprisingly powerful dry finish and just a touch of bitter. Though most whites are reserved for light dishes such as white fish or lightly spiced chicken, this wine has the backbone to stand up to more hearty dishes with earthy flavors and creamy starches. The acidity cuts through and balances high-fat dishes, such as a heavy-cream based dessert. It also pairs marvelously with fruit, not a shocking thing for a white. But if you are a devoted white drinker, I wouldn’t object to putting the Don Olegario up against steak and mushrooms or veal. Most Albariños have a wide range they can pair with, though a traditionalist might disagree with me about putting it up against steak. We’ve listed several places to try Don Olegario Albariño in particular, but Albariño wine in general can be found on other menus around Jacksonville (Black Sheep, Sorrento Italian on St. Augustine Road and both Indochine locations).

Pair with: Shrimp, shellfish, Thai, tacos, veal, mushrooms, most cheeses, steak, burger, lobster mac-and-cheese, fruit, and cream-based desserts.

Where you can find it on the First Coast: Nordstrom Bazille $11 a glass, $40 by the bottle; Ruth Chris at Riverplace $13 a glass, $52  by the bottle; Ruth Chris at A1A Ponte Vedra $13 by the glass, $52 by the bottle; The Brick $39 by the bottle only.

–Erin Thursby

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