BRICKBATS TO FOUR OF THE FIVE ST. AUGUSTINE CITY COMMISSIONERS for voting under curious circumstances (see: “Fountain of Cronyism?”, FW July 22, by Derek Kinner) to grant exemption to the city’s strict zoning laws, allowing the historic Dow Museum property to be rezoned as a planned unit development. The commission voted 4-1, with Mayor Nancy Shaver the lone dissenting vote, provoking fears that more commercial development may be allowed in the area.


BRICKBATS TO THE FLORIDA TIMES UNION Last Thursday, Aug. 27, as another tragedy linked to gun violence made the front page of the T-U, another advertisement for a local gun show accompanied it. In May, after the first of what are now three gun show ads appeared near a story involving gun violence in the paper or online, Kurt Caywood, the T-U’s vice president of audience, called the (mis)placement “unfortunate” and “clearly an oversight,” while promising they were “aggressively reviewing [their] procedures and will implement steps to prevent such a situation in the future.”


BOUQUETS TO THE AMERICAN BEACH COMMUNITY CENTER On Aug. 15, the Amelia Island home of the American Beach Museum celebrated the 80th anniversary of the founding of American Beach by Abraham Lincoln Lewis (Florida’s first African-American millionaire and longtime LaVilla resident) as a place of relaxation and recreation for African Americans during segregation.

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october, 2021