When well-known Jacksonville artist Dustin Harewood was chosen to create an obelisk, he looked to the Nation’s Oldest City’s past for inspiration.

“The theme of my obelisk is that of ‘Point of View,’” he explains of painting the four sides of the structure with the then King of Spain, a pair of Timucua Indians, Spanish Conquistadors and a small group of runaway slaves. “The concept is that each of these groups had a very different take on the formation and existence of St. Augustine.” Harewood’s untitled work was done in acrylics and took approximately two months, off and on, to create. “My obelisk will be placed in the St. Photios Greek Orthodox National Shrine on St. George Street,” he says. “I find that a bit intimidating, since the shrine itself is absolutely gorgeous. I hope that the content of my piece will add to the spiritual and religious dialogue of the shrine.”

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october, 2021