Professor of art and department chair at Flagler College, Leslie Robison titled her obelisk History is in Your Hands. It consists of approximately 300 photographs, laminated and screwed into the pillar. “My idea was to highlight the individuals that make up St. Augustine,” she explains. “In each picture, a citizen volunteered to pose holding a small model of the obelisk in their hands.” Robison went to a variety of venues around town in order to include people of different ages, ethnicities and social and economic backgrounds. “Since so many public artworks do not reflect individual histories,” she says, “I wanted to approach my obelisk in a way that would allow citizens to confront official histories by literally taking this symbol of history into their own hands.”

Robison’s obelisk will be placed outside of the Llambias House on St. Francis Street. “I would like to think the populist message of my monument would allow it to fit anywhere in the city,” she says. “But I think it complements some of the history that is shared at Llambias House and the Oldest House Museum.”

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october, 2021