Multimedia artist Liz Gibson, who also works out of MetaCusp Studios, used pearlescent paint, fluorescent colors and complimentary colors in the design of her obelisk to emphasize the fun and interactive nature of the piece.

“Having been born with seven fingers total, five fingers on my left hand and two on my right, I have transformed my unique experience into art about deformity, adversity and empowerment,” Gibson explains. Her obelisk, titled Mean Names Made into Games, was inspired by unkind names Gibson has been called in the past. “It invites the viewer to play a game of ‘find the hidden object’ as a way to demonstrate the transformative power of art to change something negative into something positive,” she says. “My goal is to encourage others to find similar transformation in their lives and become empowered.” Gibson’s piece will be displayed at the Visitor Information Center’s Pillar of Compassion, a site the artist hopes will engage visitors to the Nation’s Oldest City.

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october, 2021