A self-taught artist who, for the most part, uses found objects in her pieces, Wendy Mandel McDaniel spent three months working on her untitled obelisk.

“I took a literal approach in interpreting the concepts of compassion, democracy, freedom and human rights,” Mandel McDaniel explains. “It’s a mixed-media piece, which means it is made of a lot of different materials including ceramic, metal, wood, stone, found objects, written words and pictures that tell the story.” Mandel McDaniel is an advocate of public art; her obelisk will be displayed in the gardens of the Sisters of St. Joseph Motherhouse, south of the Plaza on St. George Street.

“It will interpret some of the Sisters’ stories and values,” she says of her work. “I strongly support their belief that the spirit of the arts co-exist with the spirit of the soul. The piece will, with any luck, encourage people to reflect on our history and be inspired to treat others with compassion, kindness and love.”