BOUQUETS TO JACKSONVILLE BEACH LIFEGUARDS Seven Jax Beach lifeguards were honored last week for heroics performed on June 27, when 40-year-old J.R. Bourne went into cardiac arrest. Though Bourne had just a 10 percent chance of survival, the guards – who administered CPR and electric shock – were able to revive him and transfer him to an ambulance. Bourne, who has recovered, returned last week to honor the lifeguards.


BRICKBATS TO RETURNING HOMETOWN ZERO LIL DUVAL The 904-area-code-born comedian and First Coast High School grad is also the creator of the vilely misogynistic and highly disturbing hashtag, #itaintrape. Lil Duval, who’ll be performing Aug. 22 at the Florida Theatre, has posted tweets such as “#itaintrape if I’m paying child support” and “#itaintrape if she doesn’t remember it” that have brought rightful ire from media outlets including The Guardian and Huffington Post.

BOUQUETS TO ANN AND STEVE PAJCIC Just days after a contentious Jacksonville City Council meeting that could have far-reaching implications for the future of Hemming Park, local philanthropists Steve and Anne Pajcic presented a $75,000 “challenge gift” meant to inspire others to support efforts to revitalize what some call “the front door to City Hall.”