BOUQUETS TO THE JACKSONVILLE ZOO which will be opening the first rescue and critical care center for manatees in Northeast Florida. Currently, sick or injured sea cows in need of urgent care must be transported to Sea World — which, we all know, after the revelations of the documentary “Blackfish,” is a death sentence. 


BRICKBATS TO SHERIFF MIKE WILLIAMS Remember during the campaign, when candidate Williams said, “I’ll be ready to start on day ten”? Well, he never mentioned that he had planned a vacation for the first week of his term in office and, after several days of the most public investigation JSO has undertaken in a long time, the new sheriff’s absence became increasingly conspicuous. 


BOUQUETS TO JUSTIN QUINTAL Last week, the Northeast Florida longboarder, tricked-out adventure-van-owner, and part-time Folio Weekly cover model, took on the world’s best loggers in Huntington Beach, California, winning his third U.S. Open Duct Tape Invitational title. Read our interview with Quintal from the 2015 Outdoor issue online (“A Day at the Beach,” March 4).