“SOUTHPAW” powerful and gritty

Release Date: July 24, 2015

Running Time: 2 hours and 3 minutes

Rated R for language throughout, and some violence

Grade: A

Directed By: Antoine Fuqua

Written By: Kurt Sutter

I can’t lose my daughter. I will give you my everything

Billy Hope is the light heavyweight champion boxer of the world. When he wins his 43rd consecutive match, his wife (Maureen) urges him to take a break from boxing and focus on his family. After speaking at a fund-raising event, upcoming boxer Miguel ‘Magic’ Escobar taunts Billy into a fight and gunfire is shot in order to break it up. Unfortunately, Maureen is shot in the midst of the confusion. Devastated by his sudden loss, Billy struggles to make sense of what happened. When he gets drunk and drives his car into a tree, the police find that he has an unregistered gun. As a result, his daughter (Leila) is taken in Child Protective Services. The judge mandates that he must prove that he is a fit parent. With the help of Tick Wills who is the ex-trainer of the only boxer who could have taken his belt, Billy fights hard to regain custody of his daughter.

You can control your destiny

Southpaw is a heart-wrenching yet motivating sports drama that I will not soon forget. I have not been so enthralled by a movie in this genre since Cinderella Man and the Rocky films. The role of Billy Hope was originally supposed to be cast to Eminem, but I am forever grateful that Jake Gyllenhaal was cast instead. Jake’s method acting and dedication to the role showcased his 2 hour/day, 7 day/week, training schedule. Forest Whitaker proves that he is still a light heavyweight in the arena of acting as he is a perfect complement to Jake’s intense performance. The young Oona Lawrence also holds her own with the A list actors. Fight your way into the theater to see this one!               ~Movie Buffette

Southpaw is a powerful and gritty film that brings out many emotions, including the fight or flight instinct.   I loved this drama.   It shows us how close all of us are to losing everything in an instance.  The film is not for the faint of heart.  The boxing scenes are realistic and bloody.  Jake Gyllenhaal is at the top of his game as Billy Hope.  His incredible performance is Oscar worthy.  The cinematography is excellent.  The camera angles on the fight scenes are fantastic.  This film will have you on the edge of your seat when Billy is in the ring.  Amidst all the action and sci-fi films this summer, Southpaw is worth the trip to the cinema to watch a gripping tale of a boxer who lost it all, but gained so much more on the journey to redemption.  ~A.S. MacLeod


Jake Gyllenhall as Billy Hope

Rachel McAdams as Maureen Hope

Forest Whitaker as Titus ‘Tick’ Wills

Oona Lawrence as Leila Hope

50 Cent as Jordan Mains

Skylan Brooks as Hoppy

Naomie Harris Angela Rivera

Beau Knapp as Jon Jon

Victor Ortiz as Ramone

Miguel Gomez as Miguel ‘Magic’ Escobar



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