“Shaun the Sheep”: a family movie that any audience can understand

Release Date: August 5, 2015

Running Time: 1 hour and 25 minutes

Rated PG

Directed By: Mark Burton & Richard Starzak

​ Grade: Baaaa

Shaun the Sheep and his flock know every trick to having a good time. But things can get out of control very quickly.

Life on Mossy Bottom Farm is very routine. Each day the Farmer has a schedule of tasks that must be completed. When Shaun sees an advertisement on the bus that passes the farm every day, he cooks up a scheme to put the Farmer to sleep and allow the flock to take a vacation. Unfortunately, the scheme backfires sending the Farmer to the Big City in a runaway camper. Once there, the Farmer suffers a blow to the head leaving him with amnesia. When the flock follows Shaun to the Big City, they are welcomed by Trumper who is the unscrupulous head of the Animal Containment Unit. With the help of Bitzer, the dog that Shaun was raised with, the flock must use a little wool power and a lot of teamwork to get back to the farm.

To stay out of trouble they need to think fast, look sharp, and always keep their cool.

Known for their stop motion animated comedies, Aardman Animations does it again with the hilarious antics of the critters from Mossy Bottom Farm. With a brief introduction to the family’s history, Shaun the Sheep unravels the story which revolves around his attachment to the Farmer yet the need for a vacation. This is a theme that adults and children can both relate to. While the adventures of the sheep will keep the younger audience amused, several references to popular films and to the TV series will keep the more mature audiences chuckling in their seats. Join the flock and leap into the theater to see this one! ~ Movie Buffette

Shaun the Sheep is a family movie that any audience can understand. The cast makes grunts, burps and other facial expressions and gestures. Otherwise, there is no dialogue to translate, making it a film that will play well domestically and globally. The lack of dialogue sharpens the imagery, but you miss out on some possible jokes. It opens at the end of summer break allowing families one more outing to the cinema to enjoy a lighthearted story about friendship and the value of family. The moral of the story is life is not always greener on the other side.  Escape your paddock and take your lambs to see Shaun the Sheep. ~A.S. MacLeod

Voice Stars:

Justin Fletcher as Shaun & Timmy

John Sparkes as The Farmer & Bitzer

Omid Djalili as Trumper

Richard Webber as Shirley

Kate Harbour as Timmy’s Mum & Meryl

Tim Hands as Slip

Andy Nyman as Nuts

Simon Greenall as The Twins

Emma Tate as Hazel



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