Invasion Pac-Man “PIXELS”

Release Date: July 24, 2015

Running Time: 1 hour and 45 minutes

Rated PG-13 for some language and suggestive comments

Grade: B

Directed by Chris Columbus

In 1982, NASA launched a time capsule into space containing examples of our life and culture in hopes of contacting extraterrestrial life.

Earlier in 1982, Sam Brenner, Ludlow Lamonsoff, and Eddie Plant compete in the Video Game Championship tournament. Sam is the champion of Gattaca and Centipede, and Eddie is the King of Donkey Kong. 33 years later, Sam works for a company that installs home entertainment equipment. His best friend, Will, is the U.S. President. Ludlow still lives with his grandmother and works on his conspiracy theories. Eddie is serving time in prison for cell phone fraud. When aliens attack in the form of classic video game characters, it is Ludlow who figures out that the aliens misinterpreted the time capsule’s classic arcade game video feeds as a declaration of war. President Cooper calls on his childhood friends to form a special unit to use their special skills in hope of besting the aliens with the help of Lt. Colonel Van Patten’s technology. Will their skills be enough to best the aliens or will it be game over?

We’ve got to take the battle to them.

Pixels is one of the best FUN movies I have watched in ages.   I have not laughed that much in a theatre in a long time.   The movie is not supposed to be a masterpiece of filmmaking, but it is a hilarious and enjoyable summer movie that takes you back to 1982 with big hair bands, banana bicycle seats and video game arcades. The special effects and 3D images were excellent. Don’t listen to the other critics. Take a chance and spend a couple of hours being entertained. A.S. McCleod

Chris Columbus, known for Harry Potter films, take us back to the 80’s with outstanding special effects and a foot tapping soundtrack. The ensemble of classic comedians bring their ‘A’ game to the film with their perfectly timed dialogue while maintaining straight faces in light of being invaded by aliens disguised as classic arcade game characters. Josh Gad is hilarious and steals every scene that he is in. Although the film should be enjoyed by audiences of all ages, children of the ’80s will most appreciate the elaborate detail put forth in creating the multitude of video game ghosts from our past. The entire cast and crew hopped to the task of engaging the audience as I was not alone in cheering for the good guys. Barrel on into the theater to enjoy Sony’s Pixels!   ~Movie Buffette


Adam Sandler as Sam Brenner

Kevin James as Will Cooper

Michelle Monaghan as Violet Van Patten

Peter Dinklage as Eddie Plant

Josh Gad as Ludlow Lamonsoff

Matt Lintz as Matty

Brian Cox as Admiral Potter

Jane Krakowski as Jane Cooper

Sean Bean as Corporal Hill

and Dan Ackroyd as 1982 Championship MC

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