Eco Relics: The Biggest Selection of Old Wood in Town

If reclaimed wood is your thing, well then partner, have I got some exciting news to share with you. The team at Eco Relics has recently salvaged a large load of heart pine beams from the historic Dyal-Upchurch building in downtown Jacksonville. The building, constructed in 1904, was the first skyscraper built in Jacksonville after the Great Fire of 1901. The wood is estimated to be more than 200 years old and has an exquisite natural patina, echoing the many years of history that it’s witnessed. If you need a specific size, a craftsperson at Eco Relics will be glad to cut it for you. The beams would make that wholly original piece of outdoor patio furniture or the perfect farm table that will become the ultimate conversation piece and leave you gloating when you see the jealousy on the face of that one neighbor who is always trying to one-up everyone else in the neighborhood.

Looking for something a little more exotic? Then let us point you to the 150-year-old Kentucky barn wood that is already very popular and selling fast. Our creative customers are crafting everything from headboards and bed frames to hanging barn doors and even using the wood for wall makeovers. Be sure to drop in soon if you’re interested, because it’s going faster than a Kentucky Saddler on race day. (We’re not completely sure what that means.)

If reclaimed wood isn’t pushing your buttons, we have a lot going on in the fabrications area. A whole slew of vintage arrivals has been procured, along with a wonderful selection of raw materials that will liven up any DIY project. We recently repurposed an antique Philco radio into a wine and cocktail bar. Just think about that aforementioned neighbor; a piece like that would likely push them over the edge.

As much as we can share our ideas, put you on the road to your next project or tell you about things that other customers have done with items found at Eco Relics, nothing matches your own imagination. Come in and see a piece not for what it is, but what it could be. Dream big, or small if the space is slight, during your next visit to Eco Relics!

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