Burning Both Ends “THE OVERNIGHT”

The Overnight

Release Date: July 3, 2015

Running Time: 1 hour and 20 minutes

Rated R for nudity, adult language, & drug use

Written & Directed By: Patrick Brice

Best case scenario I think that we just made our first new friends.

TheOvernightAlex, Emily, and their son, RJ, have moved to Los Angeles’ Eastside from Seattle. After two weeks, Alex and Emily are trying to get used to their new neighborhood when they run into Kurt at the neighborhood park. Kurt relays that he and his wife, Charlotte, moved to the neighborhood two years prior and love it. Kurt notices that RJ has become friends with his son, Max, so he invites them over for a pizza night at his house. When the kids get sleepy, Kurt and Charlotte insist that Alex and Emily stay late and let the children have a sleepover. What starts out to be a fun family play-date, gradually becomes increasingly strange during the course of the night.

Honey, I’m pretty sure that we’ve moved from a free-wheeling sort of California vibe to more of a swinger vibe.

rsz_the_overnight-578x289Patrick Brice‘s The Overnight is a quirky story brought to life by the four main characters. Each actor gave a sincere and authentic performance with Taylor Schilling standing out despite the film being male character driven. Jason Schwartzman excels as the confident California hipster who thinks that he has life all figured out. As a ying to Schwartzman’s yang, Adam Scott plays his role to a tee as an insecure man who seeks the approval of others. As the two male characters progress in their newly found relationship, Schilling and Judith Godrech dig into their roles as much as the script allows them to. The chemistry between the four actors is palpable and their comedic timing is impeccable. The wonderfully witty delivering of their lines perfectly balances the dark places that the overnight play-date explores. Impressively executed in the 12 day filming process, the result is an enjoyable adult romp through issues that 30 something couples may secretly deal with that has an Indy feel but is never cheesy. Take a chance and watch this one!                                     ~Movie Buffette


Adam Scott as Alex (Parks and Recreation)

Jason Schwartzman as Kurt (Rushmore)

Taylor Schillling as Emily (The Lucky One)

Judith Godreche as Charlotte (Ridicule)

Kyle Field as Wade (Youth in Revolt)

Max Moritt as Max

R.J. Hermes as RJ

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