WINE NOT? Merryvale Starmont Sauvignon Blanc

We find a wine for you to try here on the First Coast, tell you what it’s like and where to find it!

Wine: Merryvale Starmont Sauvignon Blanc

unnamedDescription: This super-drinkable Sauv B might disappear before you receive the entree you intended to pair it with. You’ll find it more sharp citrus and the barest hint of melon than grassy. It finishes dry but mellow, long and light with just a touch of minerality and quickly vanishing oak. It varies in flavor from year to year, but seems to be a solid choice for both the novice wine-drinker looking to expand their palate and experienced wine-lover. Make sure it’s served crisp and cold. In past years, this wine has gotten a rating of 91 from Wine Enthusiast and 88 from Wine Spectator.

Pair with: Nothing but the joy of drinking an alcoholic beverage. Or try it with fish, shrimp, scallops, shellfish, asparagus, or artichokes. Plays well with spices. Greek, Mexican, Thai, and New American style cuisines would all work with this versatile Sauv B.

Where to find it on the First Coast: Riverside Liquors $16.99 to take home a bottle, Caffe Andiamo in Ponte Vedra $9 by the glass or $34 by the bottle, Indochine Downtown & Indochine San Marco $9 by the glass or $32 by the bottle, Ted’s Montana Grill Orange Park & St. Johns Town Center $10 by the glass or $38 by the bottle, and Bonefish Grill Jax Beach & Mandarin $ 8.90 by the glass or $34 by the bottle.

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