MOSHing With The Elements

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Jacksonville’s Southbank is seen by some as neglected stepchild of Downtown, hiding in the shadows of the Northbank’s skyscrapers, underappreciated and mostly passed over. But all the while, one institution has maintained its reputation as a popular destination for adults and children alike: the Museum of Science and History.

While certainly an attraction for children, MOSH is in the process of rebranding and repositioning itself as a center for all ages that cultivates a lifelong joy of learning. For several years now, MOSH has hosted its adult-oriented After Dark series of events that reveals the science behind such topics as cocktails, coffee, sharks, and even mixed martial arts. Carrying on in their mission to draw a more adult audience, the museum established its long overdue young supporters program just last year. The Elements exist to help MOSH along in their new goal of attracting twenty- and thirty-somethings back to the museum. So far, the group has been quite successful in hosting popular events that have been known to sell out. Most recently they partnered with GAAM (Games, Art and Music) to present Super MOSH Up, a celebration of classic video games that coincided with the temporary GAAM Icons exhibit. Attendees were free to play nostalgic video games from their past, sample tasty food and beers, and even go head-to-head in the most epic Super Smash Bros tourney ever on the most state-of-the-art planetarium in the country.

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Prior to that, The Elements held Adult Swim, which highlighted the museum’s permanent exhibits and gave young adults the opportunity to experience the museum and all it has to offer in a casual and social environment. Adult Swim 2.0 is on the calendar for this summer, and the group’s board promises to deliver an even more fun and engaging experience for members and prospects alike. Following that, a rooftop party featuring live music overlooking the downtown skyline is planned for the Fall.

But The Elements are about more than throwing great parties. Ultimately they exist to support the museum in their fundraising efforts and bringing fresh, innovative ideas to the table as MOSH moves forward approaching its 75th year of operation. If science and history hold a special place in your heart, find out how you can get involved by visiting the MOSH website at

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