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The lumber from the old Southbank Riverwalk is now available for purchase at Eco Relics. (photo courtesy of Metro Jacksonville)

Eco Relics: Home Decor with a bit of Southbank History

The Southbank area’s history is quite the study in vicissitude, full of highs and lows and ornamented with unfulfilled promises and ideas. It’s a beautiful area and should be one of Jacksonville’s most desirable attractions—you know, that postcard shot. Dixieland Amusement Park, considered the grandfather of Florida’s major tourist attractions, was once there, but fire destroyed it nearly a century ago. There have been minor victories, mainly Friendship Park River Fountain, but that is a far cry from the Perkins & Perkins Architects-designed “festive waterfront public space,” which opened in 1985 under the leadership of mayor Jake Godbold.

Wait, so what does this all have to do with Eco Relics? Well, Southbank and the mission of Eco Relics share a lot of overlap in their storyline, mainly that of repurposing, reimagining, and recreating. The new Southbank Riverwalk was finished this year at a cost of $17 million. That’s only the beginning of where the area is going as it rises out of the ashes―and that’s not even an attempt to be histrionic, that’s literal! With the advent of the new Riverwalk, the old wooden structure was disassembled and the lumber is for sale at Eco Relics.

What could be a better conversation piece in your home or office than a creation made from the recycled lumber of the old Southbank Riverwalk? This lumber carries the story of Jacksonville’s past, its aspirations, political misappropriations, potential, and the many projects planned that never came to fruition. If you don’t have a design in mind, Eco Relics now designs custom furniture by request. You can bring your ideas and size requirements, and they will create it to your specifications. You’ll have a wholly original piece that you won’t see in Pier1, made with recycled materials with inherent history. Eco Relics continues to expand their capabilities and now offers welding services too.

Whether you’ve visited Eco Relics already or not, they are continuously bringing in new inventory. The 50,000 ft2 warehouse carries surplus building materials, wood and tile flooring, countertops, new and used tools, salvage doors, antique windows, and a wide array of decor, collectibles, and much more. And keep in mind, there is a limited amount of reclaimed lumber from the old Southbank Riverwalk, so get in soon! Usher in all of the exciting new changes and promises of what could be in the Southbank area with a new creation made from what was.

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