Anyone Can Be An Artist

The Story of Melody Taylor

Melody Taylor is a self-taught artist. Before she picked up a paint brush, she didn’t have a degree and had never taken an art class before. “One day it was pouring down raining when I felt something speak to me. I had just moved to Jacksonville, and there was something divine that called me to Walmart. When I left, I had purchased a paintbrush, paint, and a single canvas, and started painting. Since that day I have not stopped painting,” says Taylor.

Now, Taylor owns over 150 pieces of her own artwork. But this artist did not appear out of thin air. Taylor has always had a creative side. Before moving to Jacksonville, she lived in Las Vegas where she worked for Kay Jewelers as a diamontologist, an independently certified diamond specialist who is trained to rate and classify diamonds. “Even though I was one of their top sellers nationwide I was satisfying my company’s need, but not my own. When I started painting, I realized I could take all of that creativity and open my own business,” Taylor says.

And that is exactly what Melody Taylor did: she started her own art ministry called Champaint777. “I feel like my business is an art ministry because I’m showing everyone that they have an artistic style that is waiting to come out with a little bit of help, that anyone can be an artist. Even if you cannot afford to take classes, just pick up a brush,” says Taylor. Melody’s art ministry Champaint777 is now mobile—she comes to her clients for events such as the Wine and Canvas Event for adults who paint while being served appetizers and wine and listening to soothing jazz music. Melody also does a variety of events such as birthdays, showers, and paint parties for schools and charities.

When Melody is not teaching art, she is looking for a venue to call her own. She has her eyes set on a venue close to the beach, but starting June 4th, you can find Melody at The Potter’s House Soul Food Bistro at 11876 Atlantic Blvd, every other Thursday, from 6pm to 8pm.

As for her style, Melody has a free-spirited approach when it comes to painting. She is not afraid to try something different. She hopes to encourage people to be just as adventurous, to have no fear, and to leave with a smile and the knowledge that anyone can be an artist. The first step is to just pick up a brush. If you would like more information on Melody Taylor or to schedule an event, you can visit her website or call 904-864-0360.

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