Fashion Label Love Brigade Relaunches Through Local Love

Love Brigade, the positivity-centered clothing brand, is reclaiming their roots in owner Alyssa Key’s hometown for their remarkable Fall 2015 relaunch. Previously, Love Brigade gained notoriety in their mission to pioneer “Souldiers” in search of a brighter world, through the street-cool style of Brooklyn fashion. Now nine years later, Key is in hopes to relaunch the brand in the flourishing city of Jacksonville, Florida, to continue strengthening Love Brigade’s quest and to also give back to her hometown.

“I set sail in 2003 with the goal to absorb as much as I could about the fashion industry throughout England and New York City, in order to bring that knowledge and cultural appeal back to the town I love so much, Jacksonville.”

With the brand’s Kickstarter campaign prepared to launch June 1st to the public,* Love Brigade has successfully made moves to use local resources for sample making, screen-printing, embroidery services, photographers, and model searches, amongst creative collaborations with local designers, and local media house, Tigerlily Media. Not to mention, attaining a studio in the locally acclaimed CoRK Arts District. The brand has their hearts set on leading the loveable city as a fashion forefather, and exposing the city’s better aspects to the world, so that the terms ‘Jacksonville’ and ‘fashion’ can become synonymous. However, such a venture cannot be accomplished without generating tremendous local support during their Kickstarter and onward. So what Love Brigade needs most of all, is for every individual within the beautiful city to come together as a true brigade, in making the first strides to create a tenacious fashion base here in Jacksonville, Florida.

Love Brigade, Jacksonville, FL, Kickstarter

“The Box That Changed The World”

Just after 9 years since the compelling clothing brand first settled their edgy roots in the big city, Love Brigade is proclaiming their brand revival with a monumental relaunch approaching in Fall 2015. The brand’s main goal lies in making strides to revolutionize the “monthly subscription service” trend via “Souldier Supply Kits”: crates packed with garments and gifts sought to empower the warriors, dreamers, activists, and lovers within us all. Love Brigade has always focused their identity in showcasing social positivity through street­forward style for men and women, but now they have gained the perspective to globalize their mission and take it to the doorstep of every seeking individual.

The influential brand’s first order of business in marking their triumphant return is a Kickstarter campaign set to launch to the public on June 1st. In order to jumpstart production (for the mens, womens, babies, and new LGBT “pro­love” line), Love Brigade has set a minimum funding goal of $20,000, but has also provided several stretch goals to encourage even more possibilities and growth towards their vision. Reaching their maximum funding goal would present Love Brigade with the means to establish a clothing line for all ages (kids & teens collection), and all sizes (plus­size collection). In addition to that, the brand will use supplemental funding to further their reach to charities and projects, and as much as $750,000 towards a global launch, in order to propel their mission to its utmost potential.

Of course, none of these goals are nearly as tangible without the support of hundreds of backers, so Love Brigade will offer a variety of rewards as incentive for pledges. Gifts include (but are not limited to) hand­written thank you cards, exclusive t­shirts, special “Souldier Supply Kit” subscription offers, custom design collaborations, and even a private insight trip for two to NY and Florida.

Love Brigade, Jacksonville, FL, Kickstarter

About Love Brigade

Since Love Brigade’s original launch in 2006, the brand vigorously thrived and was carried in many notable stores across the US, Japan, Canada, and the UK, alongside two self­branded stores in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and online. To this day, the mission to unite the world in love and passion has not ceased to radiate in the hopeful and dedicated heart of owner, Alyssa Key. Though in lieu of the brand’s current outlook, Love Brigade will focus first on online efforts to generate a broader audience, with potential future plans of resurrecting their retail chain. As expected, the brand will continue to maintain their covetable style perspective, but now at a more moderate price point, because Love Brigade isn’t just a brand that fans can stand behind; Love Brigade is a mission that the world can stand with.