Jacksonville Cannons, Professional Ultimate Frisbee Makes it to Jacksonville

The Jacksonville Cannons, Professional Ultimate Frisbee Makes it to Jacksonville

After winning three weeks in a row at home, The Cannons are now 4-3

Jacksonville Cannons, Professional Ultimate Frisbee Makes it to JacksonvilleJacksonville — Last Saturday, the Jacksonville Cannons beat The Atlanta Hustle 26-22 increasing their overall record to 4-3. The Cannons now sit only one game out of the playoffs and control their own destiny, as the first place Raleigh Flyers come to town this Saturday – 6pm at Trinity Christian Academy.

The team is represented through the American Ultimate Disc League, otherwise known as the AUDL. Although the franchise was bought nearly three years ago, The AUDL South Division was not set for expansion until this year. For those who don’t know much about the sport of Ultimate Frisbee, the game is played on field with the exact dimensions of a football field, conveniently. The major difference is the end zone is twice as big – 20 yards deep. Seven players from each team (active roster is 20) line up on opposing goal lines and gameplay is started with a throw-off, commonly termed a “pull,” similar to the opening kickoff of a football game. The receiving team must advance the disc into the opposing team’s end zone to score a goal – each goal is worth one point. The catch? Players cannot run with the disc, only pivot. If the disc is dropped, possession changes immediately, without stopping gameplay. Gameplay continues until one team scores.

Jacksonville Cannons, Professional Ultimate Frisbee Makes it to Jacksonville

This style of play makes for an exciting sporting experience, full of big plays, causing gasps and cheers from the crowd! If you follow ESPN SportsCenter, you’ve probably noticed Ultimate Frisbee on the top ten a few times this season already – not too shabby.

Here in Jacksonville, The Cannons are made up of the best Ultimate Frisbee players from across the state. We even contracted a few top performers from Georgia and North Carolina, when the Atlanta Hustle, Raleigh Flyers and Charlotte Express weren’t looking. The Cannons are coached by Tuba Benson-Jaja, a world champion in his heyday. Tuba brings the discipline and experience The Cannons need to make a playoff run. The team is captained by Brandon Perales and Ryan Chard, both of whom hail from Tampa, FL. Players like Andrew Roca and Quint Wharton come from Orlando, while 6’-7” standout Mischa Freystaetter travels all the way from south Florida.

Please come join us as we take on The Raleigh Flyers at Trinity Christian Academy at 6pm, as we look to keep our home win streak alive. Tickets are only $10 with kids ten and under at $5 and kids three and under for FREE!

If you’d like to receive more information regarding the Cannons, check out www.jaxcannons.com, email the team at [email protected], like the team on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Jaxcannons, and follow the team on Twitter @jaxcannons.