Brickbats + Bouquets

BOUQUETS TO MATT “RASTA” GRAY MEMORIAL Held in honor of beaches’ resident Matt Gray – who, in 2007 was struck by a car and killed at the age of 21 – the eighth annual Memorial surf and skate contest raised $5,000 for a scholarship fund in honor of its namesake. To date, proceeds from the event have helped lighten the financial burden of more than 15 college-bound Fletcher High School students.


BRICKBATS TO WABC-TV IN NEW YORK CITY for describing George Zimmerman as “Florida’s Bad Boy.” Because we can throw a brickbat that far. In a May 11 report on Zimmerman’s latest violent confrontation, an anchor with the ABC affiliate described the former Lake Mary resident in language usually reserved for macho excess of the drunken frat boy kind. Zimmerman shot and killed an unarmed black teenager in 2012. He was involved in a road rage incident on May 11. Trayvon Martin is still dead. And violence keeps finding George Zimmerman.


BOUQUETS TO OFFICER THOMAS E. SLATTERY of the JSO for thwarting a carjacking while off-duty in St. Augustine. Slattery witnessed a man pulling a woman out of her car, so he ran to the scene. Slattery pulled his firearm and identified himself as an off-duty police officer. When the suspect approached, he put his gun away and wrestled the suspect to the ground, handcuffed him, and waited for St. Johns County deputies to arrive. Most remarkably, Slattery did it all without shooting anyone.


BRICKBATS TO GOVERNOR RICK SCOTT It could be argued that each week, the governor – and least-serious leader in a state that, as a punch line, has become more played out than anything punctuating a joke on the Blue Collar Comedy Tour – does something deserving of a proverbial brickbat. Last week, though, Scott gave national political commentators plenty of new material to lampoon the state’s dysfunctional government. Just days after the Republican-led Florida house prematurely adjourned without making a decision on whether or not to accept a Medicaid expansion that would cover an estimated 850,000 uninsured Floridians, the former health insurance CEO flew to D.C. to tell Washington they can keep their Obamacare dollars, and asked if he could – pretty, please – have $2.2 billion? The Florida Hospital Association has sent a letter objecting to a sharing proposal in which Scott urges hospitals to be more like Major League Baseball.

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october, 2021