Folio Weekly’s DRINK


In many ways, the experience of drinking has as much to do with the setting as it does with the alcohol that’ll be filtered through your liver in the 24 hours that follow. The right ambience can transport you to a Roaring ’20s Speakeasy, a classic supper club of a bygone era, a Caribbean island, a hooligan romp reminiscent of late ’70s CBGB or, at the very least, an alternate universe where people still smoke indoors.

In Northeast Florida, as much as immitigable sprawl has driven us apart, it has also allowed each neighborhood to develop its own character. For example, a cocktail in one of the bars surrounding the city’s urban core environment is a substantially different undertaking than one consumed near one of the region’s five beaches. One is Miles Davis, while the other is Jimmy Buffett. One is Donald “Don” Draper, the other is James “Sonny” Crockett. One is Kim Gordon, the other is Alana Blanchard. You get the picture.

For this reason (and also because we are known to come down from our snarky, pretentious pedestal if there’s alcohol on offer) Folio Weekly deployed our talented team of writers, putting boots on the ground in distinctive neighborhoods across Northeast Florida. In the following pages, we’ve endeavored to whet your appetite by presenting a snapshot of each neighborhood’s drinking character.

But, as you’re likely to be mobilized by our thirst-inducing call to action, please remember to drink responsibly. Here’s a list of taxi services. So be smart, be safe and, most of all, drink up.

–Matthew B. Shaw