Joan Jett April 19 at Jax Arena with The Who

Showcases, Fangs & Rockville: DIABLO SEZ – April 2015

Diablo Sez

April 11 – Warehouse Records One Spark Showcase @ Burro Bar

Three years running, the annual Warehouse Showcase at Burro Bar has got to be a local institution. The bootstrapped recording studio has in some way, shape or form helped out nearly every band in Jacksonville’s urban core for years and years. This year’s showcase highlights some new-ish names on the bill such as Mr. Miyagi, Chris Pringle, The Good Boys, Cloud 9 Vibes, and more, alongside more established names such as Jackie Stranger, The Crowkeepers, Cougar Barrel, and The Dog Apollo. If there’s a night to block off on your One Spark itinerary, it’s this one friends!

April 16 – Soft Fangs, Funeral Advantage @ Burro Bar

Drawing comparisons to Elliott Smith and Sparklehorse on a recent Stereogum “Band to Watch” article, John Lutkevich’s musical project could do far worse when it comes to classification among his contemporaries. There’s definitely an element of somber shoegaziness, but it’s not overly bleak. It’s got jangle; it’s lethargic, and it’s chock full of emotion. Boston’s Funeral Advantage approaches from the same corner but is decidedly less lo-fi and a bit more melodic. Sad boys and girls, this is where you need to be.

TheWho-logoApril 19 – The Who, Joan Jett & the Blackhearts @ Veterans Memorial Arena

If you’re like me, you want nothing more in life than to do a joint with your dad. Buy him tickets to this and allow me to live vicariously through you! Please.

April 24 – Tyler the Creator, TACO @ Mavericks

It’s a good thing the Landing is a complete dump and that places like Mavericks don’t have “regulars” who might show up to do a little line-dancing only to discover that the street kids have taken over with their hippity-hop and THEY’RE ALL ON DRUGS! Even I thought the world might literally come to an end when the Odd Future thing took hold. At first, I was like – this is great, these kids are taking risks. Then the suburbs started emulating them, and I closed my eyes and braced for the worse. I tip my hat to you, social scientist and promoter of irony, as this will make for a career-sealing article in the most renowned of Sociology journals when you’re done!

April 25 – Welcome to Rockville @ Metropolitan Park

Jacksonville’s celebration of what I affectionately refer to as butt-rock is upping its game this year and successfully straddling the fine line between irony and authenticity with grace and guile. On the one hand you’ve got legends like Ministy, Suicidal Tendencies, Hatebreed, and Exodus; forgivable guilty pleasures like Korn, Marilyn Manson, and Slipknot, and on the other hand you have bands like Papa Roach, Godsmack, The Devil Wears Prada and basically the rest of the lineup that really don’t even deserve to exist. But what you do have is the magic word – SLAYER! Last year Motorhead left us wondering what might have been, but this year, the most metal band of all time (sort of) headlines, and you can’t be mad about that.

Missing Event Data

May 1 – Earl Sweatshirt, Vince Staples, Remy Banks @ Mavericks

Ok, seriously, what’s going on here? As if it wasn’t weird enough to host an OFWGKTA show at a country bar, you go and do it twice?! Within just over a week?! And why aren’t Earl and Tyler playing together? Is there tension in the Wolf Gang? Is the Odd Future camp crumbling under the weight of its own ego? In all honesty though, I caught Earl at Pitchfork Fest last summer, and it was one of the better hip hop performances I’ve seen. All supercilious comments aside, Earl always took it the furthest, which is probably what ultimately had him “sent away” in the first place, but of all the kids out there doing bad-kid-stuff, Earl always came off the most authentic and thoughtful on tracks like ‘Sunday.’ Or maybe he’s completely full of it, who knows anymore?

Other Notable Shows

April 10 – American Aquarium, Bryce Alastair Band at Jack Rabbits

April 12 – Have Mercy, Weatherbox at The Birdhouse

April 13 – Diarrhea Planet, Left and Right, Electric Water at Burro Bar

April 16 – Such Gold, Koji, Brigades, Tommy Boys at The Birdhouse

April 17 – Sage Francis at Underbelly

April 28 – Charlie & the Foxtrots at Burro Bar

May 1 – Wilco at St. Augustine Amphitheatre

May 1 – Laney Jones, Weekend Atlas, Bread & Circus at Burro Bar

On the Horizon

May 7 – Neutral Milk Hotel at Ponte Vedra Concert Hall

May 7 – Brand New at St. Augustine Amphitheatre

May 8 – 2 Live Crew at Metropolitan Park

May 8 – Order of the Owl, Throat Punch, Hollow Leg, Vices at Burro Bar

May 9 – ZZ Top, Jeff Beck at St. Augustine Amphitheatre

May 9 – Jenny Lewis, Olivia Jean at Ponte Vedra Concert Hall

May 12 – Built to Spill, Wooden Indian Burial Ground at Jack Rabbits

May 12 – Jason Isbell at The Florida Theatre

May 13 – Strung Out, Red City Radio, La Armada at Freebird Live

May 13 – Natural Child, Faux Ferocious, Rivernecks, Nut Beast at Shanghai Nobbys

May 15 – Merchandise, Memphibians, Burnt Hair at Burro Bar

May 27 – Melt Banana at Jack Rabbits

May 29-30 – Mighty Oak Festival at The Elbow

May 31 – The Psychedelic Furs at Ponte Vedra Concert Hall

Jun 6 – The Business at Burro Bar

Jun 7 – Third Eye Blind, Dashboard Confessional at St. Augustine Amphitheatre

Jun 17 – Broncho at Jack Rabbits

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