Will Ferrell & Kevin Hart “GET HARD”

GET HARD: Movie Review

Rated: R

100 mins.

Directed by: Etan Cohen

Grade: B

Get Hard is about a wealthy business man named James King (Will Ferrell) who is on top of the world. He has a beautiful fiancee (Alison Bre), the mansion and the fancy car. Plus his future father-in-law (Craig T. Nelson) loves him like a son. James King is living the American Dream.

That is until he is accused of fraud and embezzlement, instead of taking the plea deal, King decides to go to court and believes that the court will see him as an innocent man. But the court has other plans for King. He is sentenced to 10 years in maximum prison in one of the most dangerous prisons of all.

King has nowhere to turn to so he turns to the only person he thinks can help him survive prison. Darnell (Kevin Hart) owner of Luxury Bubbles Car Wash has been washing King’s car for two years.

Darnell is a hardworking man who is trying to provide a better life for his family by moving them into a better neighborhood. Problem is he doesn’t have the money until King proposes to give him the money if he teaches him how to survive in jail.

Problem is, Darnell has never been to jail but he agrees to take the money anyway and teach King to survive prison. This leads to Darnell turning King’s mansion into a prison with all the benefits a maximum security prison has to offer along with some wild and crazy tests.

But during this prison readiness program an unlikely friendship develops and in the end King and Darnell will definitely need each other to survive this crazy ride.

And for the parents just a reminder that this movie is Rated R for a reason, there is profanity, weird sexual scenes and more profanity. Even T.I., rapper and from the movie ATL makes an appearance as Darnell’s Cousin, the one who has been to prison.

So if you like crazy, stupid and funny comedies then Get Hard is for you. One thing is for sure is this movie will definitely keep you guessing.


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