A Blast from the Past – Local Artist and Writer create “Classic Car-ma”

Best friends Kaytee Esser and Linda Carter collaborated on a book they call “Classic Car-ma.”  “Classic Car-ma” takes a nostalgic look at the cars we loved and the ways they touched our lives. These are the cars driven by our grandparents, our parents, and us.

The book is filled with paintings Kaytee has done of cars driven in the decades of Twentieth Century. The paintings are paired with Linda’s imaginative stories about the people who owned them.  Kaytee’s paintings and Linda’s stories showcase the role of the car in American society.  Each story evokes images of the period in which the car was built. They capture America from the Roaring Twenties, the Great Depression, the Dust Bowl “Dirty Thirties”, World War II, the Baby Boom, the Fifties, and the Vietnam War.

Kaytee became interested in painting classic cars because of her husband’s passion for restoring them and attending car shows throughout the South.  She became captivated by the line, light, and shadow of American automobiles as body style and design evolved. The variations of reflection and chrome coupled with color made painting these cars a natural extension of her style rooted in contemporary realism.

Linda has always loved the power of words. She has a gift for drawing the reader into the time and place in which her subjects live. Her deep knowledge of American history gives us insight into the lives of the Texas oilman of the 1920’s, the soldier returning from WWII, Baby Boomers, and soldier in Vietnam. She sees classic cars not as machines, but characters having personalities as vivid as the people who owned them.

Kaytee and Linda have been friends since junior high school. They grew up a few miles apart in the small town of Kennett Square, Pennsylvania.  After graduation, they kept in touch.  Linda put down roots in Atlanta after several corporate transfers, and Kaytee lived in Hilton Head before a temporary relocation to Houston.  Three years ago Kaytee and her husband settled in Jacksonville.  Linda and her husband followed in 2014. This was the first time since high school the two friends were close geographically, and recognized they had the perfect time to combine their gifts. “Classic Car-ma” is the first of a series of books these two talented friends are planning.

Onlinebinding.com and 44 Monroe Art Studio & Gallery is pleased to announce the launch of “Classic Car-ma.” The event will take place from 5-9 pm during Jacksonville’s April 1st Art Walk, at 44 Monroe Street. Artist Kaytee Esser and author Linda Carter will present the original paintings and stories included in the book, and will be available to sign purchased copies.

For purchase online go to: http://www.kayteeesser.com/page10/page10.html

You may also purchase them from OnlineBinding.com at: http://olbbooks.com/index.php?p=product&id=105