Suspense, action, love, sacrifice and betrayal that you won’t see coming

Movie Review: INSURGENT

Rated: PG 13 119 mins.

Directed by: Robert Schwentke

Grade: A+

Your favorite divergent, Tris (Shailene Woodley) is back in the sequel to the Divergent Series: Insurgent! Along with her are  (Theo James) Tris’s former Dauntless Boyfriend, Caleb: (Ansel Elgort) brother and former Erudite, Peter: (Miles Teller) Former Dauntless, who knows whose side he’s on, Eric and Max: (Jai Courtney and Mekhi Phifer) Dauntless and Jeanie’s pets and who could forget ever so sweet Jeanie (Kate Winslet) who is now leader of all Factions. Haven’t seen the first movie? Well, let me catch you up.

Jeanie is a controlling Erudite who wants to control and categorize everyone into a faction. Now you have five factions and each faction has a purpose. The Erudites: thinkers, smart, like order, next you have the Amity: peaceful, forgiving, kind, but then there is Candor: truth, honest, logical, after that is Abnegation: the “Stiffs”, who believe in the needs and service of others before their own and they can’t look into mirrors to long because that would be vanity.

Abnegation was in charge of the Factions until Jeanie attacked them and took over with the help of Dauntless which we cannot forget. These are supposed to be the protectors, soldiers who keep the city safe, brave and free people. Now more than half of them are Jeanie puppets searching for a divergent that is strong enough to open a box by the founders of the Factions.

Jeanie hopes this message will prove to everyone that divergents are the enemies and to survive all of them must die to keep order of the factions.

What Jeanie doesn’t know is that the factionless that were thought to be nothing but beggars without a faction are now organized. They have weapons, they have food, and they have built a society with a leader: Evelyn Johnson (Naomi Watts) who wants to form an alliance between the Factionless and Dauntless who aren’t under Jeanie’s control.

But who is this Evelyn Johnson and can she be trusted? Can Tris forgive or will revenge consume her? And who will be the divergent strong enough to open the box with the founder’s message? And will we ever know what is behind the wall?

Believe me you do not want to miss one second of Insurgent. Every scene down to the littlest details is important in this movie. Questions will be answered, secrets revealed and then director Robert Schwentke will leave you with even more questions.

This movie is full of suspense, action, love, sacrifice and betrayal that you won’t see coming. But it is also a movie about forgiving yourself, knowing some things are out of your control and that revenge may not always be the best option.

I seriously urge you to go see Insurgent NOW! In theatres March, 20, 2015! Don’t wait because you don’t want to be the last one to know what everyone is talking about.

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