The Iconic and Hilarious Comedy of Lucy and Desi Live On Stage in I LOVE LUCY

The classic comedy of Lucy and Ricky hits the stage this week, March 17-22, at the Moran Theater at the Times Union Center for the Performing Arts for four weeknight shows, two weekend matinees and two weekend evening shows.

I Love Lucy was a 1950s American television sitcom starring Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, Vivian Vance, and William Frawley. The black-and-white series originally ran on CBS from October 1951 to May 1957. It was the most watched television show in America four of the six years.

Lucy Heart LogoThe truth is in the title – whether young or old, everybody really does LOVE LUCY!

The stage performance is designed to make the audience feel as if they are at the Desilu playhouse soundstage watching the filming of two familiar episodes.  The show is hosted by Maury Jasper, a witty and charming fellow who does an exceptional job engaging the audience and introducing the scenes.  Those nostalgic for the 1950s will love this production.

I Love Lucy Live on Stage captures the iconic and hilarious comedy of Lucy and Desi. Shon LeBlanc’s period costumes were fantastic. Euriamis Losada was perfectly cast as Ricky. He had the looks, voice and accent.  He was definitely the crowd favorite. Thea Brooks did an exceptional job as Lucy. She captured the mannerisms and look very well, but the voice was not quite the same. Remington and Hammel gave outstanding performances as Fred and Ethel. I especially loved the Crystaltone Singers and how they brought commercials to life with their live singing and dancing jingles. The most memorable were Brylcreme, Chevrolet and Halo Shampoo.

The set designs ranged from the Ricardo’s apartment to the Tropicana Nightclub. Aaron Henderson did an amazing job creating the scenes and props that helped engage the audience. The audience really seemed to like the production. I heard laughter throughout the evening, especially from individuals that watched the show live 60 years ago. The sound was clear most of the time. There were a few scenes in which I could not understand what the actors were saying and therefore did not get the joke.

Overall, the stage show entertains and evokes sweet memories. Laugh your way to the Moran Theater this week to relive two episodes: “The Benefit” and “Lucy Has Her Eyes Examined”.

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