Darryl Green's "Lush" photography series

Darryl Green: An Epic Night of Music & Photography

On March 20th at 7pm at the Birdhouse in Springfield (1827 North Pearl St.), Darryl Green promises “an Epic Night” for the opening of his photography series Lush. To celebrate in style, the attire is semi-formal, food and champagne will be provided and Grant Nielsen of JacksonVegas will perform. In addition Green’s own band Universal Green will take the stage.

For Lush, Green says he was inspired by the “sensuality of a woman’s being” using “different lighting techniques to show off a woman’s body without showing it.” He draws inspiration from other photographers such as Helmut Newton and Jacksonville native and Green’s close friend Tyler Shields.

Green feels passionate about his photography and aims to make music that “makes the heart happy and heals the soul.” Universal Green plays many gigs around town and are looking forward to their third consecutive One Spark appearance. The Lush series will be on display at the Birdhouse for one month.

Check out www.darryltgreen.com and www.iamuniversalgreen.com for information.

Darryl Green's "Lush" photography series

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