Masters of Illusion Live

Where: Florida Theatre

When: February 22th, 8:00 pm


Masters of Illusion Live is coming to the Florida Theatre on February 22, 2015. Jacksonville will be the first stop on their World Tour! Farrell Dillon is one of the magicians of the Masters of Illusion Live was kind enough to grant me a phone interview from his hometown in Boise, Idaho.

Farrell shares he has been practicing magic since the age of twelve. “One day my mom bought me a magic kit and after that I was hooked,” says Farrell.  Now he  has eighteen years of practicing magic under his belt. Before joining Masters of Illusion live Farrell admits that he has performed in places all over the world.

Master Illusion-Farrell_Dillon2There is no doubt why Farrell joined the Masters of Illusion Live. Each performer brings something different to the stage. Farrell brings a blend of skill, illusion, magic and comedy to his act. While you might think this is a solo act Farrell admits that he performs with his lovely wife but can see how some aspects of the show can have that effect.

On stage Farrell seems like a natural. He shares, “On stage I just feel comfortable and relaxed.” It’s not hard to tell how performing on stage makes  Farrell feel when he makes his tricks look  effortless. But that is the beauty of performing live is you never know what crazy or exciting things might happen next.

When asked what his next move might be Farrell gave a simple response, “What’s next? I want to keep perfecting my craft so when the audience walks in they forget their troubles, loosen up and have a good time  leaving with a big smile on their face.”

If you are looking for a good laugh, a good time and amazement and wonder than I suggest you stop by the Florida Theatre on February 22, 2015. The show is Sunday and starts at 7 p.m. so hurry  before the tickets disappear! The Florida Theater is located on 128 East Forsyth St., Downtown in Jacksonville, Florida 32202. If you have questions you can call 904-355-5661.

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