Cassie Freeman interview: RED MOON THEATRE FESTIVAL

The Ritz Theatre and Museum in partnership with the Apex Theatre Studio will present the premiere of the Red Moon Theatre Festival: a celebration of diversity and building community. The three-day festival will present an enticing mixture of theatrical performances that honor the past while gathering a host of contemporary artistic talents to inspire a new generation of audiences to redefine the cultural landscape of Northeast Florida.
Performance schedule is as follows:

red moonFriday, February 27th      The Mountaintop                        8 p.m.  (Ritz Museum Stage)

Saturday, February 28th   Theatre of Rice and Beans         2 p.m. (Ritz Lobby)

Our Town                                  8 p.m. (Ritz Theater)

Sunday, March 1st         Our Town                                  3 p.m. (Ritz Theater)

There is a special school matinee of Our Town on Friday, February 27th at 10:00 a.m.

Performances begin Friday, February 27th and continue through Sunday, March 1st.  For tickets and information call (904) 807 2010 or visit the Ritz Theatre and Museum online at  Tickets range from $15-25. (Please note: The Mountaintop is recommended for mature audiences only due to adult language.)

Cassandra “Cassie” Freeman who is better known for her roles in “Single Ladies” the popular T.V. series as Morgan and “The Inside Man”, the movie as Sylvia was gracious enough to grant me an interview even though she is attending this year’s Sundance Film Festival in Park City Utah.

EU: How did you get involved into acting?

Cassie: I auditioned for Douglas Anderson’s Theatre and Music Program and I was admitted to both programs. So I chose to do theatre for a year and fell in love with it. I attended Douglas Anderson’s theatre program for the rest of high school.

EU: Did you attend college?

Cassie: Yes I graduated from both FSU and NYU’s graduate program.

EU: Have you thought of developing your brand?

Cassie. Right now I’m looking for a new T.V. series that is dramatic with a hint of comedy. As for branding I’m very careful of what I associate my name with.

EU: So you are an actress but I’m sure you have other activities that keep you busy.

Cassie: I teach acting at FSU. Last year I produced a web series: 12 Months of June, I did an off Broadway play called, “Southern Guitar” and I’m a Co Board Member for the Contemporary, a non-profit organization: Dancing Classroom which teaches young people social learning skills.

EU: Seems you like producing, are you working on any projects?

Cassie: I’m working on producing a film that will bring me back to Jacksonville.

EU: Speaking of Jacksonville, you are coming back for the Red Moon Festival, February 27th at the Ritz Theatre and Museum. Are you excited?

Cassie: I’m very excited to be coming back. At the Red Moon Festival I will be performing a full reading of the Broadway Play “The Mountaintop.” I love opportunities like this that bring me back home.

EU: With such a busy schedule where do marriage and kids fit in?

Cassie: Well I do have a special someone in my life but marriage and kids have never been a deep desire. I want to get married and have kids but right now I’m enjoying being an auntie.

EU: Who are some of the actors you admire?

Cassie: I would have to say Merryl Streep and Johnny Depth because they are chameleons; they can play any type of character and make it work, as an actor, you strive to play as many different characters in a lifetime.

EU: Well thank you for taking the time to do this interview. Are you showing any films at Sundance?

Cassie: Not this year, I’m here to try and relax with seeing some great films.

EU: Have you been in any films that have been featured at Sundance?

Cassie: Yes, I have had two films featured at Sundance, Kinyarwanda (2011) and Blue Caprice (2013).

EU: Do you have any films coming out that you can tell us about?

Cassie: Yes, I have a film coming out at the end of this year or in 2016 called, “Supermodel” in which I play a former Supermodel who becomes an alcoholic and has a kid. It shows how it is to be a Supermodel of color.

EU: Well it seems you have a lot on your plate. What do you do in your down time?

Cassie: I love playing the guitar, singing and writing songs, it’s a hobby of mine.

U: Thank you for taking the time to do this interview and I can’t wait to see your performance at the Red Moon Festival.

Cassie: No thank you for having me.


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