Since 1974, Garrison Keillor and his A Prairie Home Companion has been providing public radio listeners with a popular mix of storytelling, music, comedy skits and news from the fictitious town of Lake Woebegon, Minnesota, broadcast in a winning blend that harks back to the golden years of radio. Keillor’s spiel could be described as an audio equivalent of wandering around aimlessly in a Cracker Barrel gift shop, yet he’s earned scads of accolades as a radio star and author. Keillor’s mellifluous vocal talents, which can be downright narcotic when he describes the ineffable joy of, say, a rhubarb pie, have even been featured in Ken Burns’ documentaries. The now-72-year-old Keillor’s local appearance promises to be a night of music and song sure to satisfy any hankerin’ for homespun entertainment.