Veg Fest, Jacksonville, FL

Veg Fest – March 7 in Riverside Park

There are lots of fun events and festivals going on in Jacksonville this spring, but make sure you add the Northeast Florida Veg Fest to your calendar. This festival is more than a great food and beer selection. Veg Fest, presented by The Girls Gone Green, a Jacksonville-based nonprofit focused on animal, health and environmental issues, connects people to local businesses that prove profits and principles can go hand-in-hand.

Come relax at the park and enjoy gourmet popsicles, innovative nachos, stonecore pizzas and Jamaican specialties from Reggae Shack out of Gainesville, Florida. Sit in the Bold City beer garden and listen to live music from Master Radical and the Crescendo Amelia Big Band. Learn about efforts by Compassion Over Killing, Mercy for Animals or Save The Chimps, all working on efforts to promote the ethical treatment of animals. Most importantly, bask in all that is going on right now to protect cats, dogs, cows, pigs and more. Learn about how to get more involved in animal, health and environmental issues.

As an added bonus, you can also check out Jacksonville businesses that are becoming leading community game-changers. Every dollar you invest in these locally owned businesses means you are voting for sustainability, biodiversity, compassion, health and a better future. You can find all of these businesses at the Fifth Annual Post to Post Links II error: No post found with slug "Northeast Florida Veg Fest" on March 7, 2015 in Riverside Park from 10am to 5pm. Stop by and see what they are all about.

1. – These creative satchels, backpacks and bags are made from 100% organic and recycled cotton bags with the unique and artistic design cut from recycled clothing. All craftsmanship is created and sewn by the owner herself. Finished bags are 100% sustainable and will last a good, long time without harming the ecosystem.

2. A1A – There are so many great benefits to using solar energy, and this is a great company because they are locally owned and operated. A1A Solar is also ranked nationally among the top 250 solar contractors. Besides turning sunshine into electricity, going solar reduces energy costs, increases the value of your home, makes you less energy dependent and offers significant government incentives.

3. PALMETTO – Sign up to have fresh, local and organic fruits and veggies delivered right to your door. They also provide recipe ideas for all the goodies you get each week. Palmetto Organics embraces seasonality and encourages their customers to enjoy the interesting variety that local growers bring throughout the year. As you know, organic produce is good for the farmer and the environment as it uses no bee-killing or carcinogenic pesticides and produces no damaging chemical run-off into our rivers and streams.

4. – SunRAWise is a company dedicated to creating artisanal vegan cheeses, and they are located just south of Jacksonville. Luckily for you, they ship their products and visit many markets. Their products are made from scratch using the finest ingredients which are organic and sustainable. The delicious cheeses do not use any fillers, preservatives, synthetic chemicals, artificial coloring or flavors. It’s also soy-free, corn-free and non-GMO. All that’s left is great taste!

5. BAY & – This is a locally owned, indoor, play-focused destination for infants, babies and toddlers up to age 5 and their parents. Here, they create a unique play space which nourishes community and focuses on child-led play. They are eco-friendly with their use of non VOC paint, cork flooring, eco-cleaning products and eco-toys. In fact, many of the children’s toys are locally made and sustainable.

6. NATURE’S WAY PEST – Nature’s Way is your one-stop shop for pest control and lawn care. Unlike chemical pesticides, Nature’s Way is safe and organic. It doesn’t linger in the environment and end up in our streams and rivers. They use 100% pure mineral and plant ingredients that are EPA and state approved.