Old Arlington, Blue Cypress Park

Old Arlington: Welcome to Chaseville – Blue Cypress Park

Location is everything for one of the oldest established neighborhoods in Jacksonville. Once known as Chaseville, the northern point of Arlington now boasts the Charter Point residential development, along with one on Jacksonville’s most user-friendly parks. Nestled just between the city and the sea, Blue Cypress offers a view of the city skyline as a reminder of the busy metropolis just minutes over the Mathews Bridge. A quick trip east promises toes in the sand in just under a half hour.

A combination of country club amenities and rustic tranquility, fresh air and sunshine can be found at the Blue Cypress park. The city-owned park offers a trifecta of recreational amenities including hiking, golfing and fishing, but there is so much more for families to enjoy.

Formerly an 18-hole golf course for the Edenfield River Estates development, Blue Cypress was reduced to a 9-hole golf course because of its location in an environmentally sensitive area. The remaining area was transformed in a natural, resource-based public outdoor recreation site including a fishing dock and a boardwalk, soccer fields, trails, tennis courts and a concession restroom building.

Blue Cypress Park also features three fishing ponds and is an ideal spot for kids to play in the fresh open air, dogs on leashes, hiking, fishing, picnicking or just a taste of the country right in the middle of the big city. Fish off the docks or off the shoreline. See dolphins play along a hike of the shores of the St. Johns River. Stroll out to a pier with a great view of downtown Jacksonville and beyond. It also loops into a towering maritime hammock rife with live oaks. The park, located at 4012 University Blvd N, is free and open to the public.

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