Running Time: 2 hours and 1 minute

Rated PG-13

Grade B

Directed By: Mike Binder


Kevin Costner as Elliot Anderson

Octavia Spencer as Rowena Jeffers

Jillian Estell as Eloise Anderson

Bill Burr as Rick Reynolds

Mpho Koaho as Duvan Araga

Anthony Mackie as Jeremiah Jeffers

Andre Holland as Reggie Davis

Gillian Jacobs as Fay

Jennifer Ehle as Carol Anderson

Paula Newsome as Judge Cummins

Do you really plan on raising this little girl all by yourself

Elliot Anderson is grieving over the sudden loss of his wife when he is faced with losing his grand-daugher, Eloise, whom is has raised since her birth. His wife, Carol, had an arrangement with Eloise’s paternal grand-mother for visitation so there was peace for seven years. At first, Elliot doesn’t have a clue as to how to take care of his grand-daughter on a full-time basis, but he is willing to learn in order to keep Eloise close to him since he lost his only child during Eloise’s birth. Eloise’s paternal grand-mother, Rowena, is concerned that Eloise will not experience her culture since Carol is gone and cannot provide the buffer between the two worlds. Rowena starts by asking for shared custody and presses forward when Elliot refuses. The situation becomes more complicated when Eloise’s father enters the picture.

This isn’t about black or white…it’s about Eloise.

Black or White is a powerful drama that tackles a custody issue that could happen to families of any race, yet chooses to involve African-American and Caucasion families. The story also isn’t afraid to dive deep into the feelings of its main characters. Kevin Costner provides another outstanding performance only to be rivaled by fellow Oscar winner, Octavia Spencer. Costner was so invested in the project that he also produced the film and his passion for breaking through social issues does not go unnoticed. Kudos to writer/director, Mike Binder, for harnessing the talent of the two Oscar winning actors, but inspiring great performances from the big screen newcomers, Jillian Estell and Mpho Koaho. If you are in the mood for an excellent drama then I highly recommend that you don’t miss out on this one.               ~Movie Buffette

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